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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

Dear Community Members,

Salamun Alaikum,

Imam Ali (a.s) desires that his followers excel others in all fields, and that they be recognized (as his followers) by virtue of their high morals and manners.

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Newsletter - Apr 2019
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Eid ul Fitr message by President, KPSIAJ

Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem.

Eid Greetings to Imam Mehdi ajtf, the lman of our times, and to all Mujtahideen, specially Ayt Khamenai and Ayt Seestani, and to all brothers in faith who are paving the ground for the lmam's arrival and establishment of a Just Society under his rule.

I hope that this Ramadan was a truly spiritual one which helped us all to attain further closeness to Allah.

The opportunity to fast during these hot summer days was an added privilege, as was undertaking charitable assignments, organizing Quranic forums, holding beautiful ceremonies of prayers, recourse, and supplication; arranging iftar feasts at mosques and on pavements; and finally the huge rally on the Quds Day expressing unity and solidarity, were among the manifestations of heavenly blessings.

I pray for all those who participated in these programs, and congratulate them.

On the Day of Eid, please remember those in distress too, like the people of Yemen, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kashmir, Burma, Saudia Arabia and Palestine. Do dedicate a part of your prayers, discussions and resources for them.

The Jamaat urges the influential, the Ulema, and the Sponsors of Masajid and lmambargahs, to play their due role in promoting a Just Society. In Islam there is no concept of maintaining a non partisan approach. In the conflict between Haq and Batil, our stance must be well defined.. this is what we owe our future generations. Otherwise they will fail to recognize and support the right.

On this Eid I also urge households to collectively read translation of Dua e Joshan e Sagheer. It will help in instilling a sense of gratitude and responsibility.

Make a special effort for Sileh Rehmi th is Eid. Visit your lesser privileged family members, and the grieve stricken families, for the pleasure of Allah S.w.t., His Prophet s.a.w.s. and the Ahlul Baiyt a.s.

The Jamaat is thankful to its donors whose whole hearted support has allowed us to continue serving the Comm unity.

We request all families to also participate in this noble cause, by contributing a monthly amount to the FAMTLY PARTICIPATION PROGRAM. Your contribution will help in sustaining the activities of the Jamaat, and also ensure that the deserving students and patients are not denied their basic right to education and health.

May Allah bless you all!

Abut Hassan Gokal,
President, KPSIAJ

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