Women Wing

This sub committee comprises of Women Councilor, Co-ordinator, Convener and Members.

KPSIAJ Women Wing was formed in 1993 with the commitment of generating social change in our female folk by vocational training to improve their life quality.

Sewing, grooming, cooking, baking, fancy craft work, gift wrapping, bags and envelop making, fashion designing, fabric painting, computer course, English language course, first aid, home nursing, Cupping therapy training, Mafahim-e-Quran and Persian language are offered periodically to facilitate the ladies.

Some of the programs ensure to bring changes in their difficulties, they take an initiative step in their practical life and gradually run a micro enterprise.

Their socioeconomic developments, work ethics and talents are being monitored thus providing them required equipment and material which help them to increase their income.

Women Wing also focus on promoting education, health, good family relationship and other human rights. In this regard a basic level of help and assistance is being given to them. Marriage assistance is also provided to those in need by arranging necessary items of dowry.

Events like seminars, awareness programs, health program, religious celebrations, competitions, entertainment, outing and senior ladies activities are conducted.

Cupping therapy camp is also arranged on monthly basis for the treatment of almost every ailments.

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