Fatimiyah Hospital (Health)

Fatimiyah Hospital is a modern, beautifully built and aesthetically designed, currently 65 bedded, air-conditioned health care facility, located in the heart of the city on the main Britto Road. It caters the densely populated area of Soldier Bazar, where apart from Khoja Ithna Asheri community, the Aga Khanis, the Bohras and the Memon communities are living. The hospital continues to provide accessible health care services to all without discrimination of caste, colour, creed or religion.

A project of Khoja Pirhai Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (KPSIAJ) of Karachi, inaugurated in July 2006 and initiated with just a modest out-patient facility, Fatimiyah Hospital has now blossomed into a full fledged hospital with state of the art services and is continuously and dynamically growing to add on new facilities.

The hospital is constructed on a 1000 square yards plot and has an additional 1000 square yard area on the front where a green belt and a parking area have been built. It has a round the clock emergency facility, 24 hours pharmacy managed by a qualified pharmacist, laboratory and radiology services. There are currently eight out-patient clinics, where about 45 consultants from all the major medical specialties are serving at different timings throughout the week. It has three well equipped operation theatres, a separate obstetric department with labour room, labour ward and post-natal ward, a 5-bedded adult intensive care unit and a most modern 6 bedded neo-natal ICU.

The hospital has witnessed a tremendous boom in its growth and reputation during the last one year. With the improvements in facilities there has been a significant rise in the level of confidence that people in general and the community members in particular have developed in the functioning of the hospital. Inpatient and Outpatient facilities are flourishing, and there is a steady growth of deliveries and surgical procedures. Currently the total number of patients in the OPD has been over 6,000 per month and the traffic continues to rise. More than a 100 patients visit our Emergency room daily. The IPD (In-patient department) is averaging 250 patients per month. The surgical procedures are constantly rising and we are performing about 100 operations per month. Likewise about 30 deliveries are taking place in a month. This by itself speaks volumes of the level of confidence people have in the functioning of the Fatimiyah Hospital.

Activities at expansion, improvement of existing services and adding up of new facilities is continuously in progress. With internal modifications completed recently, the total general bed strength has been increased from 32 to 54. This plus 11 critical beds has now made the total hospital bed strength of 65. The entire in-patient facility of the hospital has been made air conditioned with the recent installation of air-conditioners in the general wards too.

Laboratory facilities are being extended and in-house microbiology and serology facility added. A modern Physiotherapy department is also being added. To be headed by an American Board certified specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, this department would be serving patients recovering from orthopaedic surgery and those suffering from chronic pain like arthritis etc. Pain Management facility has recently been initiated under a highly skilled American Board certified Pain Management consultant. A cardio-pulmonary lab is in offing in order to extend the diagnostic facilities for heart patients. Purchase of additional bed side monitors, mechanical ventilators for the critical patients of ICU and NICU and arterial blood gas machine is in process.

The hospital had just four Private rooms. A 5th private room has recently been added. Pressing demand for private rooms and advanced booking for the same is usual. Construction of additional floor comprising of modern 12 to 15 deluxe rooms has therefore been planned. The hospital is also lacking a kitchen which is being planned at the roof top.

The various departments of the hospital are linked with a Hospital Management Information system. There is an IT department to run and support the hospital software which is currently being further customized to cater to our requirements.

Apart from extending and improving structural and operational facilities, efforts are being made to improve the quality of services. There is an in-house training program for doctors and nurses to nurture their professional skills. In addition a Nurse aid training program for the young females of the community has been chalked out and about to be implemented.

A visit to the hospital is necessary to appreciate the efforts being made to make Fatimiyah hospital a Quality Care Health Institution that aims to serve all at an affordable cost.
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