FAQs: "Hiridjee Education Loan Pakistan (HELP)"

S.No. Question Answer
1 What is HELP? And what are its objectives? HELP stands for ‘Hiridjee Education Loan Pakistan’ initiated by World Federation.
The objective of HELP is to provide loan for higher education to those KPSIAJ members who are unable to proceed with their educational career due to financial constraints.
2 Is there any application-processing or registration fee? The registration for HELP is free.
3 What is the eligibility criteria for HELP? The candidate applying for HELP;

  1. Must be a member of Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat.
  2. Must be pursuing admission for undergraduate or graduate programs and other professional qualifications in any field of interest within Pakistan. Students opting for the following fields will be preferred:
    1. Medicine
    2. Social Sciences/Education
    3. Research and Development
    4. Engineering
    5. IT/Computer Sciences
    6. Bio technology
  3. Must fulfil the eligibility criteria of the institute and program he/she applying for.
  4. To be eligible, an applicant must not obtain loan from any other institute or organisation for the same purpose without informing SLC.
4 I have applied on KPSIAJ website. Do I need to come to the KPSIAJ office? No. Your online application will be reviewed by our committee members. Once the application is approved you will be called for interview.
5 What are the criteria for final selection? Candidates are selected by keeping in view the following factors;

  1. Academic performance
  2. Financial background
  3. Guarantors’ credibility
  4. Course selection
6 How many Guarantors are required and what are their characteristics? You have to give information about two guarantors of your loan. The guarantors must have the capability and will to repay the loan in case the student is declared as a defaulter.
7 I do not have my final result yet. Can I apply? Yes, you may apply. Selection would be made after examining your previous exam records.
8 Will I get 100% loan through HELP? Yes, you may receive up to 100% of the tuition fees.
9 Will this loan cover all the cost of the program/course? No, the loan will cover only tuition fees of the applied course.
10 How my fees will be paid after the loan is sanctioned? The fees will be paid by KPSIAJ welfare department directly in university’s account, as per their described method of fee payment.
11 How much GPA I have to maintain to remain eligible for this loan? You should meet university’s criteria for passing each semester.
12 How many universities may I apply for this scholarship? Only one university.
13 Which subjects/fields of study, I can apply for? You may apply for any field, but preference for this loan will be given to fields mentioned in eligibility criteria (question no. 3)
14 What are the required documents? The documents required for HELP are given below:

  1. Online application form.
  2. Admission offer letter from university (if received).
  3. Your Photograph.
  4. Last accomplished degree/marksheet.
  5. Last month electricity bill.
  6. Guarantor’s last month salary slip or Six-month bank statement.
15 Can I edit or modify my submitted application for the scholarships program? In case of any major amendment, you may write us at slc@kpsiaj.org
16 How can I fill out the online application form? Go to KPSIAJ official website. You will find application form upon navigating the Education Assistance Tab. Or click here to access the form.
17 I have received scholarship from university or any other organization, still can I avail this loan? Yes, you may apply for this loan, but you have to give necessary details asked in the application form.
18 Are there any specific universities to apply in for HELP? Student must select any HEC recognized university within Pakistan.
19 Can I cancel my loans in between? Yes, you may, by repaying the outstanding amount.
20 When will I start paying back my loan? The repayment schedule will be decided once the loan is approved. In most cases, the repayment of loan is due after the completion of the degree.
21 How can I make my loan payments more affordable? The repayment schedule will be flexible and will be decided after mutual consent of SLC and the student. The student may also be given a grace period after the completion of the degree, as per the approval of SLC.
22 What is the maximum duration of loan repayment? The loan has to be repaid within 5 years after degree completion.

For other related queries, email us at slc@kpsiaj.org