Fatimiyah Community Center is providing Ghusal and Kafan facility to the members as well as public in general since 1996. Through proper Shariah compliance, cold storage and trained volunteers, Ghusal Khana aims to provide highest quality services. The facility is also regularly used by members for majalis and other programs.

Hussaini Bagh 1 was developed in 1800s by then Sindhi Khojas. The growth of the community post independence led to a larger graveyard. In 1960, spread on an area of 4.5 acres, Hussaini Bagh 2 was donated by philanthropists of the community. In 2015, another graveyard with a covered area of 8.2 acres was donated to Jamaat next to Wadi e Hussain where the first double-layer graveyard named Wadi e Zainab is located.