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KPSIAJ – PCP Certified NPO

Alhamdolillah, Another Milestone Achieved!

KPSIAJ is a PCP Certified NPO now.

After an independent evaluation of all the processes of KPSIAJ including but not limited to Overall Reporting Structure, Policies and Procedures of all key Areas, Financial Management and Controls, Human Resource Management, Healthcare and Educational systems, Welfare Services and Overall Control Mechanism during the visits by PCP staff and through online evaluation also, Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) has awarded KPSIAJ as PCP Certified NPO Alhamdolillah!

PCP Certification is a big reward for the countless efforts done by KPSIAJ Managing Committee and its employees who worked so hard for the prosperity of KPSIAJ and Khoja Community. This Certificate will also enhance the credibility of KPSIAJ, increase our donors/well-wishers’/community members’ confidence and will allow certain tax benefits.

Managing Committee and employees of KPSIAJ will continue their efforts for the prosperity and better future of KPSIAJ and Khoja community members with the support of our beloved donors and community members InshaAllah.