Started with a modest outpatient facility in July 2006, Fatimiyah Hospital today stands as a 106-bedded multi-disciplinary, secondary health care facility, constructed on a 2000 square yards land, located in Soldier Bazar. Today, Alhamdulillah, FH enjoys a respectable status, not only in the community, but also amongst the general public at large ensuring nominal and affordable healthcare within the reach of a common man.


FSoN-logoAs a part of our mission, the hospital also has School of Nursing, where a two year course of Nursing called ‘Certified Nursing Assistant’ (CNA), recognized by the Pakistan Nursing Council, exclusively for girls is being run. Year over year, our nurses have brought accolades by securing top positions in the entire province. The nurses emerging from this program are fully equipped with core Islamic values, along with professional excellence, grooming into caring, responsible, compassionate and empathic nurses.



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