Fatimiyah Education Network (FEN) is an elaborate system of learning organizations providing quality education at affordable terms. This cluster of educational institutions working under the guidance of Education Board of Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat, Karachi is a ‘not for profit’ organization committed to providing better facilities/opportunities in education to all members of the community in particular, and the society at large.

FEN initiated its educational drive in 1965 by laying the foundation of a Girls’ School in Kharadar keeping in mind the importance of female education. The project were later established as purpose-built schools for both boys and girls in Soldier Bazar in the  early 1990’s. The efforts of community leaders specially Shaheed Hamid Ali Bhojani and other female members of the community is a true example of how KPSIAJ is transforming the community through education.

At present, by the grace of Allah (SWT), under the umbrella of FEN a complete educational system is providing worthy education to more than 3500 students.


  • Fatimiyah Montessori System
  • Fatimiyah Girls School
  • Fatimiyah Boys School
  • Fatimiyah College (Boys and Girls Campuses)
  • Fatimiyah Institute of Educational Sciences

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