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KPSIAJ – ACCA Approved Employer

KPSIAJ – Proud Moment for Our Community

Alhamdolillah, Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat (KPSIAJ) has achieved another milestone for serving Community Students pursuing professional education.

KPSIAJ is now officially registered as ACCA Approved Employer – Gold status for Trainee Development Alhamdolillah!

Recognition of KPSIAJ as an approved ACCA employer shows our institutional strength, professional growth and professionalism in our employees.

This will further enable KPSIAJ to serve its community in a more professional way to train Community students who are studying ACCA or CAT and want a professional environment for learning and development for their professional growth and also to achieve their essential and optional Performance Objectives.

This will benefit our Community students working in KPSIAJ including:
✅ Potential career pathway for desirable CAT and ACCA students who wish to join KPSIAJ
✅ High standards of training and personal development.
✅ Will be trained in a better professional environment by our own community professionals.
✅ Can claim performance objective exemption from the PER (Practical Experience Requirement) and FPER (Foundations Practical Experience Requirement).
✅ Can take paid study and exam leaves.

Community students of CAT and ACCA can join the KPSIAJ workforce for a better future and also to serve the Jamaat to achieve more success in the future inshaALLAH!

ACCA Certificate