The Brethren of Pakistan’s Founder

KPSIAJ is a community organization which was established in 1892 by the Sindhi Khojas: a community that originally hails from Kutch, a district in Gujarat, India but was forced to migrate here 300 - 400 years ago due to a severe drought in Kutch. While the community initially followed the Ismaili school of thought, it disassociated itself from it converting to the Isna Asheri faith and thus setting up their own Jamaat.

While initially the community organization focused on funeral and burial services, marriage legislation, Muharram niaz and family relations, as time moved forward and the community grew with the addition of Khojas coming in after the 1947 partition; activities of the organization grew too, with the addition of more members. Alongside, various other changes were brought in as well; for example the democratization of the organization, the addition of a constitution and the approval of by-laws. In 1965, Abdul Hussain Bhojani became the first elected president of the Khoja Jamaat.

However, it was during the tenure of Shaheed Hamid Ali Bhojani that the organization drastically realigned its priorities and focus was shifted towards large scale social projects that would benefit the community as a whole. Today, there is an entire Fatimiyah Education Network running with its multiple schools, colleges and graduate level programs. Alongside is the project of Fatimiyah Hospital which is constantly growing and improving since its inception.

Today these projects cater to not only the Khoja community but to the larger Karachi community in general.