Community relationship with our Marja’ – strengthen taqleed and marja’iyyah

Enhance confidence in WF – optimise funds, maximise resources and facilitate genuine debate from grassroots to executive councillors, revitalise relevant existing projects

Social justice and inclusivity for all – consistent services globally and full engagement of brothers and sisters of all ages, valuable stakeholders in every Jamaat

Khoja Heritage activity in every Jamaat – know and love who we are

Relieve poverty amongst the members of the Community

Social responsibility for all by all – no KSI sleeps hungry anywhere in the world – WF AID Khoja first as stated in our constitution – in addition to unrestricted donations, Agha has given ijaza to use huqooq funds to alleviate poverty amongst us

Wellness and well-being – physical and mental health services in every Jamaat

Multi-generational housing – homes for seniors and first-time buyers in the same complex

Inward investment – issue community bonds with guaranteed return – synchronise economic upliftment projects to maximise economies of scale and output to create brotherhood, so we work together as one for our community

Educate members of the Community

Qur’an literacy and understanding – focus on the Qur’an and ahadith inspire the love for the Ahlul Bayt (AS)

Financial literacy for all

Strengthen education projects, develop business acumen and employability

Revive khidmat – put the service back into “we exist to serve” – living spirituality

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