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Ramazan ul Mubarak 1445 Quiz


The quiz on Ramazan ul Mubarak 1444AH lectures organized by KPSIAJ attracted around 400 participants, with 80 attempting all 22 days’ questions and over 130 attempting at least 20 days’ questions. The winner answered all questions correct for 22 days, showcasing the dedication to learning. The initiative was successful in promoting learning, enhancing knowledge, and building community among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Position Prize Name Number
1st Position Rs. 15,000 Kumail Raza Pardhan 92347xxxx9207
2nd Position Rs. 12,000 Batool Zehra 92311xxxx9114
Muhammad Aun 92315xxxx4187

Cash Prizes (Rs. 3,000 each) for other top 5 candidates (via Balloting).

  1. Zarmeen Zehra Muhammad Raza (92302xxxx0178)
  2. Raza Ali Hussain (92331xxxx6964)
  3. Dua Zehra Nazim Abbas (92331xxxx7055)
  4. Muhammad Ali Haider Ali (92333xxxx3068)
  5. Abid Shaukat (92334xxxx7736)

Note: The management of KPSIAJ will contact the winner for the collection of their cash prizes. Additionally, participants who attempted at least 15 days of the quiz will receive a digital certificate from KPSIAJ as a recognition of their efforts. Furthermore, the answer sheet for the quiz can be downloaded from here.