Reforming Our Most Treasured Institution:

We pledge to make the office bearers of the World Federation directly accountable to the Executive Council, and the Executive Council directly accountable to the Conference.

Empowering Our Women & Our Youth:

We promise to standardise the constitutions at regional level to ensure that women have equal voting rights as men. We will promote and advance leadership training programmes, as well as avenues for small business development, to allow women and youth to take advantage of the opportunities a reformed World Federation offers.

Defending Our Values and Identity:

As part of our first line of defence, we pledge to embed public affairs and external communications into the core strategy of the World Federation. This element of World Federation’s strategy will be reviewed continually, accounting for the pace of change around us, thereby allowing us to be proactive in allocating required resources to respond to our needs in a swift manner.

Advancing Our Faith:

We will continue to strengthen our ties and cooperation with our centres of learning in Najaf and Qom, as well as constantly engage with the Office of Ayatollah Sistani (HA) on the most important and challenging issues facing us. We will ensure that the Madressa Centre of Excellence (MCE) is adequately funded and resourced, we will significantly invest in post-Madaris and pre-marriage religious education.

Protecting Our Less Fortunate:

We will unrelentingly assist and empower regional development projects and place equal measures across our regions to support the eradication of poverty in our community. We will support all of our regions with their housing projects, and empower our regions financially to improve on community health. This will include supporting existing health projects such as hospitals. We commit to free basic education provision for all Khoja children who are unable to access education.

Engaging in Humanity’s Shared Struggle:

We will invest in an online platform that will issue regular guidance to our community on how to reduce waste, cut our reliance on plastics and encourage reuse and recycling. Community members will be able to share ideas of best practice, monitor our collective progress, and actively challenge each other to cut our collective footprint.

Preserving Our Khoja Heritage:

We commit to advancing the work of the Khoja Heritage Project and continue to inform our community of our history. We therefore pledge to explore the possibility of establishing a permanent, state of the art museum for Our Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community, curated by expert historians, and funded for by our philanthropists.

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