Provide a safe and supportive academic environment

Provide a safe and supportive environment with a solid academic platform for community members especially the millennial and post millennial generation for learning our faith through establishing an accredited State of the art Islamic Research Institute in the West that addresses the burning spiritual and Islamic education challenges of our times.

Lift families out of poverty

Lift at least 50% of our community families out of poverty by 2025 with a professional economic plan that is tangible and feasible.

Support parents, teachers and children

Support parents, teachers and children through the establishment of a physical structure for the Madrasah Centre of Excellence. This will develop madaris resources, lead ongoing research and create training materials for teachers and parents, with a financial model to become self-sustaining in the long run.

Improve digital connectivity

Improve the mode of connectivity of our global communities through a digital platform including community services (religious, social and economic) to bring together grassroot members worldwide.

Modernise operations

Modernise the operations of the WF and reform its modus operandi to make it fit for purpose in today’s fastchanging world.

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