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Condolence message by Hon. Secretary, KPSIAJ on demise of Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Yousuf Nafsi

The President and Managing Committee of KPSIAJ offers its profound condolences to Imam AlAsr (Aj), his eminence Ayatullah Syed Ali Sistani and the Community at the demise of Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Yousuf Nafsi (RA).

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him & his progeny) said:
The merit of the Aalim over the ‘abid (the devout) is like the merit of the moon over the stars on a full-moon night.

Imam Ja’fer e Sadiq (A.S.):

إذا مات العالم ثُلم في الإسلام ثَلمة لا يسدّها شيء إلى يوم القيامة

If an A’alim dies, there is a furrow in Islam, a furrow that will not be filled until the Judgment Day

Shk Yousuf Nafsi had dedicated his life for the propagation of religion and to serve the followers of Ahlulbait a.s. for decades.

His office was instrumental for the translation and publication of many religious books, including some rare manuscripts, running of madaris and several other religious activities.

His services to the Community and to KPSIAJ shall long be remembered.
May Allah s.w.t. provide him the intercession of Ahlulbait a.s. and raise his Ukhravi status, Aameen.

Asghar Hussain Shaheedi,
Hon. Secretary,
Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat,