Some of my short-range objectives are as follows:

  • Madressa: Children between the ages of 3-11 can easily learn the Arabic Language. It is important to teach them to Read, Write and Understand the Qur’anic Arabic.
  • We made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would take heed? Holy Qur’an 54:17, 22, 32 & 40
  • To improve our outreach efforts in order to educate people of other faiths about Islam
  • To establish and improve educational systems within our community
  • To place more emphasis on the Qur’an in our religious functions (lectures)
  • To ensure that our community promotes the inclusion of groups such as women, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.
  • To establish a sustainable financial support system for the community as guided by The Qur’an

My plan for recruiting leaders to help assist you in WF:

Our community is filled with talented, educated, ambitious, sincere and professional individuals. It is important that we engage as many of these individuals as possible by creating a more inclusive environment, especially for those who have historically been excluded. Examples of these groups include women, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

My plan for recruiting leaders will begin with a grassroots consultation to find out why the aforementioned groups have not come forth and actively participated in the leadership of their community. This will be followed by a detailed examination of the institutional barriers that inadvertently discriminate against certain groups of people. Existing policies, programs and practices will be examined in this process.

Once we fully understand the barriers that people face in working with their community, we will develop a detailed action plan to recruit and train leaders from these marginalized groups.

This is how I see WF in Next Five – Ten Years:

My vision for the WF is an independent, inclusive, and united Islamic organization. Become financially independent of using money of Khums and using our own resources to support our community. Improving the area of Islamic education for the enlightenment of our future generation.

Through sincerity and patience, I will strive to bring about understanding between the two organizations. We need to meet with the AF’s leaders and start an ongoing dialog which leads to a greater understanding of each other and progress towards meeting our mutual goals.

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