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Seerat e Payambar (SAWW) Quiz Result

Seerat e Payambar (SAWW) Quiz 1445

KPSIAJ Women Wing organized a quiz competition on auspicious occasion of birth anniversary of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS). Quiz was published on 4th October 2023 from 8pm to 10pm on  KPSIAJ Android App.

Total 137 participants attempted the quiz from which 65% were female and 35% male participants. Marks wise counts are as follows:

Marks Count
30 Out of 30 2
29 Out of 30 0
28 Out of 30 2
27 Out of 30 2
26 Out of 30 5
25 Out of 30 5
20 or More 43

Merit List – Cash Prize Winners

1st Prize Rs. 14,000/- each. Secured 30 out of 30 marks.

Mobile Number Name Father / Husband Name Gender Country
+92321xxxx475 Tatheer Fatima Asghar Ali Female Pakistan
+92333xxxx520 Saira Abbas Fida Hussain Female Pakistan

Distinction Prize Rs. 5,000/- each. Secured 28 out of 30 marks.

Mobile Number Name Father / Husband Name Gender Country
+92300xxxx725 Shan-e-Zahra Muhammad Ahmed Female Pakistan
+92331xxxx964 Raza Ali Asharia Ali Hussain Asharia Male Pakistan

Prize Rs. 2,500/- each. Secured 27 out of 30 marks.

Mobile Number Name Father / Husband Name Gender Country
+92332xxxx832 Shan-e-Zehra Jemani Sabir Hussain Female Pakistan
+92334xxxx236 Aurangzeb Mushtaq Male Pakistan

List of certificate holders who secured 20 or more marks

S. No. Mobile Number Name Father / Husband Name Country
1 +92321xxxx475 Tatheer Fatima Asghar Ali Pakistan
2 +92333xxxx520 Saira Abbas Fida Hussain Pakistan
3 +92300xxxx725 Shan-e-Zahra Muhammad Ahmed Pakistan
4 +92331xxxx964 Raza Ali Asharia Ali Hussain Asharia Pakistan
5 +92332xxxx832 Shan-e-Zehra Jemani Sabir Hussain Pakistan
6 +92334xxxx236 Aurangzeb Mushtaq Pakistan
7 +92331xxxx459 Kazim Ali Ghulam Hussain Pakistan
8 +92334xxxx608 Imrana Mohsin Pakistan
9 +92332xxxx501 Zainab Zehra Aurangzaib Pakistan
10 +92335xxxx549 Tatheer Fatima Kazim Ali Pakistan
11 +92325xxxx901 Manahil Zehra Ghulam Hussain Pakistan
12 +92330xxxx586 Sukaina Kazim Ali Pakistan
13 +92332xxxx501 Mahwish Zehra Ghulam Hussain Pakistan
14 +92334xxxx737 Ali Imran Lilani Mohammad Ali Lilani Pakistan
15 +92332xxxx327 Sana Zehra Ghulam Muhammad Pakistan
16 +92332xxxx314 Kulsoom Muhammad Qasim Pakistan
17 +92306xxxx574 Syed Gauhar Zaman Syed Qamar Zaman Pakistan
18 +92319xxxx168 Syed Muntazir Mehdi Naqvi Syed Qamar Zaman Shah Naqvi Pakistan
19 +92317xxxx523 Rubab Malakooti Qamar Abbas Pakistan
20 +92334xxxx236 Muhammad Zain Aurangzeb Pakistan
21 +44740xxxx249 Sukaina Asim Raza Pakistan
22 +92310xxxx234 Maqbool Ali Manzoor Ali Pakistan
23 +92331xxxx799 Haura Fatima Ali Murtaza Pakistan
24 +92332xxxx294 Mumtaz Saleem Muhammad Saleem Pakistan
25 +92335xxxx106 Syeda Kashaf Fatima Syed Mehdi Raza Pakistan
26 +92334xxxx260 Sadaf Raheel Raheel Abbas Pakistan
27 +92333xxxx268 Jawwad Mehdi Rawjani Atif Abbas Rawjani Pakistan
28 +92332xxxx255 Anila Bano Ameer Ali Pakistan
29 +92300xxxx117 Baneen Zehra Saqlain Raza Pakistan
30 +92310xxxx503 Mahdi Meesam Mukhtiar Ali Pakistan
31 +92333xxxx022 Sibtain Bhojani Irshad Ali Pakistan
32 +92332xxxx402 Hadi Shaukat Pakistan
33 +92333xxxx634 Insia Sibtain Sibtain Raza Bhojani Pakistan
34 +92333xxxx060 Zainab Ali Ali Abbas Pakistan
35 +92334xxxx772 Natasha Lilani Mohammad Ali Lilani Pakistan
36 +92336xxxx120 Mariam Fatima Rizwan Haider Pakistan
37 +92333xxxx571 Hussein Ali Ali Roshan Pakistan
38 +92334xxxx289 Misbah Aley Pakistan
39 +92334xxxx014 Fatima Mohammed Mohammed Bhojani Pakistan
40 +92301xxxx928 Afshan Nadeem Pakistan
41 +92300xxxx142 Ali Mesum Muhammad Fayyaz Pakistan
42 +92336xxxx950 Anum Fatima Abbas Ali Pakistan

Heartiest congratulations to all participants for taking part in this competition and specially merit prize winners and certificate holders. KPSIAJ Women Wing will contact cash prize winners for collection of their prize whereas digital certificates will be shared with participants over WhatsApp in next few days.

Participants may click here to download answer key for their reference.